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The Sustainable Energy Solutions Catalogue is designed for users both within and outside the scope of SESA. Inside SESA, it offers an introduction to solutions that can be utilized in collaboration with various stakeholders, including local governments and civil society. Additionally, the catalogue updates users within the project about activities at SESA validation and replication sites. Externally, it informs users about the various solutions tested during SESA project implementation and serves as a comprehensive source of introductory information on sustainable energy solutions for a diverse set of stakeholders. 

This factsheet reviews the potential of clean cooking solutions, including key technological aspects, business models and impacts, as well as examples of the use of the solutions across the continent and within the SESA project. The lack of access to clean cooking solutions is particularly pronounced in rural regions. The collection and use of biomass for cooking dramatically damages health and impairs productivity. Depending on how solid biomass fuels are collected, the lack of access to clean cooking also contributes to deforestation. Therefore, clean cooking fuels and technologies are critical to Africa’s energy transition. 

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