Solar power and the Water-Food-Energy Nexus



The Sustainable Energy Solutions Catalogue is designed for users both within and outside the scope of SESA. Inside SESA, it offers an introduction to solutions that can be utilized in collaboration with various stakeholders, including local governments and civil society. Additionally, the catalogue updates users within the project about activities at SESA validation and replication sites. Externally, it informs users about the various solutions tested during SESA project implementation and serves as a comprehensive source of introductory information on sustainable energy solutions for a diverse set of stakeholders.   

The Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus concept offers an integrated framework which enables to reduce trade-offs and increase synergies in securing goals of energy, water and food security. Electricity from decentralised solar is a cost-effective solution to meet energy needs and plays a central role in achieving the goals of the WEF Nexus. This factsheet presents how different solar power solutions can effectively address the WEF Nexus and gives examples of how this is already happening in the  African context. 













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